Recently I was working on setting up a migration manager connection from a Configuration Manager 2012 site of questionable health to a clean site. In the process I got hung up on an error message that suggested several potential causes for my issue but wasn’t terribly concise.The next step was to figure out what the text logs have to say about this because I thought I had covered off all the culprits listed above. When I checked the migmctl.log on the site server I was performing the migration to I noticed there was something SQL related I wasn’t expecting.[MigrationManager]: Set the schedule item 16777217 to Failed.ERROR: [MigrationManager]: Error occurred when trying to make sql connection to Contact product support for help. Error Information -2146232060, Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.I didn’t really troubleshoot why the authentication was not happening in depth because the account to be used for the SQL connection was in the same domain as the SQL server. As I result I opted to create a local account on the source server and give it SA rights to SQL. This in turn resolved the issue and I could continue on to making migration jobs.