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Certified Microsoft Enterprise Professionals

The Group

Certified Microsoft Enterprise Professionals

Modern Computing Needs Leadership

Organization’s are under increasing pressure to modernize their IT infrastructure and support more business processes digitally in order to stay competitive.

We work with customers that are ready to change the way their organization  embraces new technologies that enhance the workplace. The journey is full of uncertainty, risk and cultural change, but those that approach it with sound thinking yield tremendous results.

We solve those challenges through our systematic approach of completing a full assessment that leads to a deployment roadmap and beta-testing. We deliver high-level analyses and solutions for large organizations. We do that by working with MVPs and leading industry consultants.

One of Big Hat Group’s key founders is Kevin Kaminskione of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Microsoft Application Virtualization specialists around.

MVP Powered

We are serious about being leaders in Information Technology because our customers depend on us to make the right decisions. The Microsoft MVP designation is not for everyone and not earned by simply passing a test.

A Microsoft MVP not only demonstrates expertise, but also actively contributes to broader community involvement through mentoring others.

Clear Vision

Getting line-of-business software in front of end-users is complicated these days so it is even more important to engage with consultants that can cut through the noise and clearly identify the root causes.

The solutions to big problems require clear vision so that the goals and deliverables are achieved on time and on budget.


The proliferation of cloud computing and the modern desktop has put enormous pressures on IT staff and helpdesk operators to keep their device fleet up to date on a monthly basis.

Device compliance alone can overwhelm most IT departments, which is why each business has different needs and a different deployment trajectory.

We tackle each project starting where the organization is at and plan the right journey for them.

Streamline Your Helpdesk Workflows and Simplify Your IT

We continuously collect feedback from the biggest companies in North America, which means we understand what you’re going through. Ask us how you can manage Microsoft 365 like a champ.

Kevin Kaminski

Kevin Kaminski


Kevin Kaminski is a seasoned consultant and architect with over 20 years of experience in Microsoft enterprise technologies such as device management, SCCM, App-V, Azure AD, and Office 365.

As an 10 time Microsoft MVP, Kevin works with leading organizations across North America to design and implement modern Microsoft ecosystems.

His most recent project is, which is a Windows management tool designed to streamline modern management tasks for helpdesk staff and IT support technicians.

Emilio Gagliardi,MSc

Emilio Gagliardi,MSc

Marketing & Web

I’ve always been passionate about technology and learning. I grew up with the Internet and started hand-coding HTML over 20 years ago. So much has changed.

These days I’m excited about the power of the cloud to streamline business operations and to more deeply integrate the website stack into the business.

We specialize in management and automation technologies to reduce the cost of supporting applications inside and outside the data center.

Our consultants have a firm understanding of Microsoft solutions and this is the primary building block of our skill set for our consultants. Windows is the primary operating system in the majority of enterprise environments and we are here to help our customer manage large scale Windows deployments. We specialize in management and automation technologies to reduce the cost of supporting applications inside and outside the data center.

With the introduction of Azure infrastructure as a service we have decided to support the Microsoft stack as we believe it aligns to many customer’s needs as cloud architectures become more widely accepted and commonplace.

Azure is a rapidly developing set of offerings from Microsoft which we support at an infrastructure level. If you need cloud backup or moving parts of your data center to the cloud we have been there and we work closely with Microsoft to be on top of the latest developments.

Windows 10 is a key technology within the modern management strategies that Big Hat Group designs and builds. Windows 10 allows our customers to fully take advantage of cloud-based services that we optimize for their unique needs.

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