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Industry Leading MVPs and Consultants

The Big Hat Group Inc. specializes in solving those problems that no one else can solve. We deliver high-level analyses and solutions for large organizations. We do that by working with MVPs and leading industry consultants. One of Big Hat Group’s key founders is Kevin Kaminski, one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Microsoft Application Virtualization specialists around.

We strongly believe in promoting continuous self-improvement in our consultants given the fast-paced nature of our industry. We do that by facilitating skill development among our consultants and ensuring that they have the time they need to upgrade their training and advance their career tracks. We are not in the game of breeding managers, we identify and work with quality consultants who are capable and passionate about what they do.

We focus on select technologies where we can build in-house knowledge, and design efficiencies into the daily workflow of IT Managers by teaching them our own best practices.

Advanced Training

At Big Hat Group we offer training to suit a variety of different situations whether it be on-site, remote or custom content. We do not offer commodity training that only delivers a basic knowledge on the operation of a product but dive deeper into the architecture and troubleshooting necessary to be successful. Our course portfolio is limited because of our deep focus on select products.

Microsoft Application Virtualization

Big Hat Group in conjunction with TMurgent  Technologies has been maintaining and delivering Microsoft Application Virtualization master classes since 2007. Our five day  course goes through the concepts, architecture, administration and sequencing of application with App-V.

Our courseware is designed to go over many real-world scenarios so the student can get a better understanding of what considerations need to be accounted for when packaging and delivering isolated applications using App-V 5.0.

This course is not intended to achieve a basic understanding of how to operate the technology, rather to provide an understanding of the product at a deeper level so the student can diagnose and troubleshoot the product.

We’ve found that similar courses offered by vendors fail to go over these aspects because they only cover the basic use-case scenarios, and, as a result, we find this to be incomplete for most users of the technology especially when it comes to sequencing applications with App-V.

Beginning at the conceptual level the course quickly dives into the architecture and the administration of App-V applications using no infrastructure, management servers to using Configuration Manager 2012. The majority of the course focuses on the sequencing (packaging) of applications so that they work within the framework of Microsoft Application Virtualization.

Our courseware is updated several times a year to keep pace with the updates that are released for App-V because of the very technical nature of the product where capabilities are added and bugs are fixed. Nothing is more frustrating than learning how to accomplish a task in the classroom only to find that the knowledge is out-dated or worse, invalid.

To learn more about our App-V training options go to our App-V training page here.

Enterprise Grade Solutions

At Big Hat Group we pick select technology partners that closely align to our primary skills and have a proven history in the enterprise. Our focus is not to push licenses but to align with vendors to provide the right technology for the situation. We often are called in to perform “bake offs” and other technology assessments for organizations as small as 1000 users to organizations with 130,000 users.

Kevin Kamniski

Kevin Kamniski

The Big Hat

Kevin Kaminski is a seasoned consultant with over 19 years’ experience focusing mainly on Microsoft technologies that range from device management to the data center. Using his experiences from different organizations large and small he is able to draw upon practical knowledge that he incorporates into his speaking engagements, training materials, articles and consulting engagement.

As an 8 time Microsoft MVP Kevin delivers and maintains an App-V masters class with fellow MVP Tim Mangan.

He also spends time blogging and speaking at various engagements such as Briforum. To assist his local IT community he sits as a director on the Calgary IT Pro User Group and manages the Calgary Systems Management User Group special interest group.

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microsoft-partner-logo-350pxOur consultants have a firm understanding of Microsoft solutions and this is the primary building block of our skill set for our consultants. Windows is the primary operating system in the majority of enterprise environments and we are here to help our customer manage large scale Windows deployments. We specialize in management and automation technologies to reduce the cost of supporting applications inside and outside the data center.

With the introduction of Azure infrastructure as a service we have decided to support the Microsoft stack as we believe it aligns to many customer’s needs as cloud architectures become more widely accepted and commonplace. Azure is a rapidly developing set of offerings from Microsoft which we support at an infrastructure level. If you need cloud backup or moving parts of your data center to the cloud we have been there and we work closely with Microsoft to be on top of the latest developments.

citrix-logo2Citrix has long been the gold standard for hosting end user Windows workspaces in the data center by not only being the industry incumbent, but also being first in this field to offer this technology.

Being that we have extensive experience with application virtualization it was only natural to align to a vendor that often drives the use of application virtualization inside the data center.

Citrix has evolved into many different things but we keep our skill set more closely aligned with the XenApp and XenDesktop offerings.

unidesk-logo-350pxUnidesk is one of our newer alliances, we decided that it was about time to adopt application layering as a skill set to complement our relationship with Citrix.

We still love and support App-V, but inside the data center with specific consideration to stateless VDI we needed to evaluate technologies that may provide a better administrator and user experience than using application virtualization on its own.

Unidesk is a recognized leader in this space and this has made us choose this vendor as an enterprise grade solution in this field. We are committed to further pursuing this technology and developing a relationship with this vendor.