IntroductionThe reason I thought it would be good to look at a ClickOnce applications and App-V 5. Out of the box App-V does not handle the packaging of ClickOnce applications without changing the Sequencer configuration and jumping through some hoops afterward. Remko Weijnen provides a great overview as to how ClickOnce has played out in the enterprise and why some people just don’t like leaving it alone with its default deployment architecture. Sequence ClickOnce Applications?What I want to illustrate is a real world scenario using an application called AFE Navigator. The issue with this application is that it is a rather large ClickOnce application which is around 80MB. Now imagine every user installing this in a Remote Desktop Services environment where there profiles begin to bloat by 80MB a user. It was clear that App-V would be more than convenient to properly distribute the application by providing a master copy of the application that all users can share.Sequencing AFE NavigatorFirst what you need to do is launch the Sequencer (I am using 5.0 SP2 HF4 in this example), go to the Tools menu and open the Options… tab.In the options window go to Exclusion Items and remove the LocalAppData exclusion.Of course you get the warning message confirming the deletion of the exclusion. Click yes to continue.Click OK when complete.Now you are ready to package AFE Navigator,