Generally when deploying App-V 4.x packages with CM 2012 the publishing is one thing you don’t worry about because the information harvested from the package is often sufficient. The problem is that I’ve found one instance where this can be broken, for example I have a package for HP Quality Center that delivers to the users machine but then the installation is marked as failed. If I look closer in Software Center I have an error 0x87D00324 as shown below.The Internet suggests that this is a detection method error but this shouldn’t be happening with an App-V package. In order to get a better idea of what is going on I decided to load up CMTrace.exe and merge a few CM client logs to get a better idea of what is going on. More specifically in the File -> Open dialogue I selected the Merge selected files checkbox then selected the AppDiscovery.log, AppEnforce.log, AppIntentEval,log and the VirtualApp.log files.Below in CMTrace you can see the App-V sequence being installed but no errors.As I went further info the logs I finally spot an indication that there is a problem. I’ve highlighted in the red box the App-V detection method being marked as failed.This is where things get interesting because you have to manually validate a few things to find out the cause of the detection failure.  Unfortunately in this