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Microsoft Virtual Academy

I thought I would post a note over here. I did a quick piece on some of the new courses in the Microsoft Virtual Academy that you can take at your own pace online. I've gone through some of the courses and actually was surprised by the quality so I'm encouraging...

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UE-V Throws an Exception on Install

Now that I've been using UE-V lately for customer environments I've noticed a very bizarre error that can pop up when installing the UE-V 2.0 agent or tools. As you can see below the error message that comes up is rather frightening and suggests that there is...

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Summer Device Update

Here are some highlights from the summer device update from Kalvin Falconar at Microsoft.Surface Family Flyer PDFWindows Device Choices June 2014IntroductionEarlier in June the Surface Pro 3 was announced and Surface Authorized Device Resellers are already shipping...

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I recently found an unusual way that this error can manifest itself in a site. I was deploying sites successfully except one of them cropped up with the SMS_HEIRARCHY_MANAGER_ERROR 3353. If you look at the error message below it makes the issue out to be a SQL...

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Disabling SMB 1.0

So some of you might be curious about SMB 1.0 and weather you can turn off the protocol. The bad news is that if you are still running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 there is a need to still run that protocol. If you are running filers it would be important to...

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April / May Windows Devices

Here is the latest list of devices: Note from the Author: Kalvin Falconar @ MicrosoftThe attached Windows Device Choices – April 2014spreadsheet contains many new mobile devices.  It has been reorganized...

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New Windows Tablets for February 2014

Kalvin Falconar over at Microsoft Canada sends out some regular updates as to new devices coming out in the Windows tablet category. Since the information is free to share you can find February's update over here.

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Enterprise IT Management and Automation

Kevin Kaminski shares the latest trends in Enterprise Management.  Check here for the latest in Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and Operations Manager.