Here is the latest list of devices: Note from the Author: Kalvin Falconar @ MicrosoftThe attached Windows Device Choices – April 2014spreadsheet contains many new mobile devices.  It has been reorganized with tabs for Device Choices (Commercial Tablets & Phones), Rugged + Specialized, Retail and Healthcare specific.  When I discover specific unique devices, or accessories, I will continue to update this spreadsheet.Windows Phone 8.1 – Cool New FeaturesLast week Windows Phone 8.1was announced – more personal and even smarter than Windows Phone is today. Some of the cool things showcased:·         Cortana – your personal digital assistant. With a name inspired by the popular AI character from Halo, Cortana builds a relationship with you by learning about your interests and habits and then brings information to you as you need it. You can talk to Cortana through your voice or your keyboard, and when she replies you’ll notice she has a real personality!·         An enhanced Start screen: Between the ability to customize your Start background with a photo and the option for a third row of tiles on all phones, Windows Phone 8.1 provides you with an even bolder canvas for expressing your individuality·         Delighters such as Action Center, which lets you see notifications from any app, a new Calendar with week view and integrated weather like you get in Outlook, and the new Word Flow